the girl behind the screen♥

I'm Kimi :) Your average nineteen year old residing in sunny UK who loves doing her nails after finally breaking the horrible habit of biting them.

I am by no means a professional, I'm strictly amateur, but I enjoy all the nail art I do :) I really do hope this blog is an inspiration to all you nail-biters out there - this is proof! The habit can indeed be broken :D

This is my entry for the Glossybox Nail-off competition!

Basically, whoever has the most ‘likes’ on facebook wins. The prize is the OPI Muppets collection - I have decided that if I am lucky enough to win I will be giving away AT LEAST 6 nail polishes from this (Possibly more, seeing as there are only a few that I like). So please help me out by doing the following!

1. Please ‘like’ this page first

Feel free to ‘unlike’ it once the contest ends on Friday at noon!

2. Please ‘like’ my nail art entry here

Please please reblog, share, whatever to help spread the word! Thank you so so much to each and every one of you lovely people :)

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